December 10, 2010

A Toy Review

So, the nice people at asked me if I might like to experience their toys firsthand and then blog about my findings.  Who am I to turn down such a generous offer?  I LOVE toys, especially adult toys!  I’ve loved toys since I was a very small child—just not the same kind of toys…

They asked me what type of toy I might like and after hours and hours of thought, (yeah, right…) I decided on anal toys and specifically the High Intensity Vibro Tease Vibrating Anal Plug.  

Actually, I’d been perusing the butt plugs on their site for a while and lusting after that particular toy. I was really excited that they agreed to give it to me.

I’m a fan of anal plugs and have quite a collection of them (go figure…).  Some are for me and some are for my boy.  This one is definitely for me!  (My boy’s tender bottom would really enjoy it but, I’m not sharing.)  It’s made of a beautiful transparent-blue jelly-like material.  It’s soft, but not too soft and shiny-slick and it comes with it’s own waterproof vibrating bullet.  One of the best things about the bullet is that it takes one triple-A battery, instead of the usual hearing aid cylinders that die so quickly—if you know what I mean.  This one goes on and on and on, pretty much as long as you want it to.  I gave it a good long test, you know, just to be sure it would last, you know, in case someone wanted it use it continuously for, say—a while… 

Trust me, it lasts, and the vibrations don’t decrease in power.

The Vibro Tease is aptly named; it is a tease.  Even first timers would be able to use it with no problem.  It’s not very big around and it’s so smooth and slick, that once lubed up, it just slides right in.  Press the soft touch button on the end of the bullet and a very quiet, very sweet vibration is delivered to just the right spot. 

Sometimes you want something that’s small and gentle.  You don’t have to be a size queen ALL the time!  Like I said, it’s a tease.  But if you’re looking for a large or powerful toy, this isn’t it.  It’s cool for DP, too.  How do I know, you ask?  A lady never tells. 

My only complaint is that while the toy has a very large base, it doesn’t have a narrow neck, so it slips out easily. It’s not a toy you can insert and then walk around with.  I had to use my bed as a backstop to keep it where I wanted it, but that wasn’t such a bad thing.  Hey, next time, maybe I’ll get comfortable and read one of my books.  Actually, yeah… that’s a great idea! 

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