August 26, 2010

Spank! Blog Tour Schedule

I'm going to be kicking off the blog tour for my new anthology, Spank! on September 1st. All 20 authors (and Cassandra Park, who wrote the introduction) will be blogging about all things spanking. An interesting and entertaining time will be had by all, so I thought you might want a sneak peek at the schedule, along with all the links.

9/1. D. L. King
9/2. Cervo
9/3. Sommer Marsden
9/4. Anna Black
9/5. Jean Roberta
9/6. Tara S. Nichols
9/7. Maggie Morton
9/8. Kathleen Bradean
9/9. Lee Ash
9/10. Lisabet Sarai
9/11. Evan Mora
9/12. Allison Wonderland
9/13. Sean Meriwether
9/14. Roxy Katt
9/15. Donna George Storey
9/16. Beth Wylde
9/17. Sacchi Green
9/18. A.D.R. Forte
9/19. J.Z. Sharpe
9/20. Jessica Lennox
9/21. Cassandra Park

Don't forget~~Come by on Wednesday, September 1st! (There'll be pictures...)

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