September 1, 2010

Spank! Blog Tour Kicks Off

On Septmeber 15th, my new anthology, Spank! will be released by Logical Lust Publications and today kicks off a twenty-one-day-long blog tour.  (A little later in the post, I’ll publish the schedule, with addresses.)

I’ve told people to write about whatever they want, so I’ve no idea what they’ll talk about.  It should be interesting to follow along.  I’m pretty sure there’ll be a few excerpts posted.  Maybe some pictures, too.

            What kind of pictures???
            I’m sure I don’t know…

But what are you going to get from me?  Well, I’m winging it so, here goes nothin’:

Most people know me as a domme or a top.  That means I spank—I don’t get spanked—usually.  Last month I attended a really cool BDSM convention called Floating World.  I went to several workshops and learned some nifty, new things.  I spent a few hours enthralled by one of my absolute idols.  I chatted with the likes of Cecilia Tan and Laura Antoniou.  I bought a new corset—one that is just a little steampunk—for later.  I played in the humongous dungeon (man, they had some furniture I’ve been lusting after for years…) and then…

And then…  I allowed myself to be flogged (because it’s a great form of massage and I really needed a massage) and then—wait for it—caned.  It’s not something I usually allow, but sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed. 

I’m not into pain; I’m not into being spanked, but I am into sensation.  And let me tell you, that light caning felt wonderful.  It was exactly what I needed to relax away all my tension and stress.  It wasn’t the kind of caning that leaves bruises, not like the one I’d given earlier in the night; it was the kind of caning that got me ready for a really good night’s sleep.  What can I say?

My story, in Spank!, actually fits in with this post.  I swear, I didn’t know where I was going when I sat down to write—seriously—so it’s serendipitious.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

Richard’s Reward

Richard made her wet; there was no getting around that.  The act of spanking him, first with her hand and then with leather, could become a religious experience.  The scent of his arousal, the sight of his marks, and the feel when she ran her fingers lightly over them, could almost cause her to climax, at times.  

She brought the strap down again, just above the first stroke, and he bounced against the bed and grunted.  Quickly she gave him a third just below the original stroke.  This time he cried out.

Suzanne gazed at the three perfect red stripes on his rosy bottom and ran her fingertips over them lightly.  She heard him wince.

“Please, please, please,” he moaned.

“Open your legs for me,” she said.  She reached between them and fondled and massaged his balls until he groaned and sighed.  “Just three more now.  Are you ready?”

“Please, please, please,” he whispered.

“Please what, Richard?  I’m waiting.  You need to tell me to finish your spanking.”



“Please, Suzanne, please finish my spanking,” he groaned.

“All right then, if that’s what you want…  Close your legs for me now; we wouldn’t want any accidents.”

Suzanne quickly finished up with a vertical stroke on each side and a final stroke across his sweet spot.  The last stoke wrenched a scream from him and he was actively crying when she put the strap down and gathered him into her arms.  He came willingly and buried his face against her neck.

Suzanne sat next to him on the side of the bed, gently rocking and holding him close. Although shaking with sobs, she could tell he was much calmer than when he had arrived.  A good spanking tended to relax him and relieve his stress.  This particular spanking would, hopefully, keep him stress-free for most of the coming week. 

She handed him a box of tissues and waited until he regained his composure.

            This is just a small excerpt taken from somewhere in the middle of the story.  Read it all in Spank!  Available in ebook and print on September 15th.  You can find it at most sales venues, including Amazon, or perhaps you’d like to buy it from Logical Lust, an independent publisher.

And see, spanking’s a stress reliever…  Relieve some stress today!

9/1       D. L. King                           
9/2       Cervo                           Logical Lust    
9/3       Sommer Marsden       
9/4       Anna Black              
9/5       Jean Roberta                       
9/6        Tara S. Nichols           
9/7       Maggie Morton            Logical Lust    
9/8       Kathleen Bradean       
9/9       Lee Ash                  Logical Lust    
9/10     Lisabet Sarai               
9/11     Evan Mora               Logical Lust    
9/12     Allison Wonderland   
9/13     Sean Meriwether            Logical Lust    
9/14     Roxy Katt                
9/15     Donna George Storey
9/16     Beth Wylde            
9/17   Sacchi Green             Logical Lust    
9/18     A.D.R. Forte               
9/19     J. Z. Sharpe             Logical Lust    
9/20     Jessica Lennox           


  1. What a fabulous line-up! And since we're all in a back-to-school mood, how educational to consider the relaxing benefits of a good spanking. Reading about such is surely educational as well!

  2. It surely is educational. This, I may say, is the plaid skirt season. Time to start thinking about what happens in distinguished schools (with adult students of course) and their salacious headmistresses.

  3. See? I've been saying "It's for your own good" for years now when I've been spanking someone. Nice to to hear confirmation of that!

    DL, it's been an absolute pleasure to publish SPANK! for you and your authors. It's a line-up that matches some of our other successful anthologies. And good to see some names from the past too, like Cervo, Jean Roberta and JZ Sharpe, as well as some who are already with Logical-Lust publications, like Donna, Tara, Beth, and Kathleen.

    Isn't the cover wonderful? I'll bet your models had a blast that day! Helen did a great job putting it together too.

    It's also a pleasure for us to host some of the authors at the Logical-Lust blog, and we look forward to starting off with Cervo tomorrow.

    For those new to Logical-Lust, welcome! And for the others, welcome back!

    Best regards
    Jim Brown
    EPIC Vice-President

  4. Congratulations on Spank!, D. L.!

    What a lovely excerpt—I quite enjoyed it. :) Love (especially) that last picture too. Hmm, all this talk about plaid skirts seems to make me want to go break out mine....

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. The Floating World workshop sounds like a hoot! And a slightly steampunk corset sounds divine and also something I'd love. Great blog! Excellent story! Thanks for the read.

    Tara S. Nichols

  6. How delightful! The excerpt itself is like a lovely mind massage too! Looking forward to more!