February 24, 2013

Big Book of Bondage and My Review of "Prey" by Madeline Elayne

Hey, I'm in this book!

The Big Book of Bondage is edited by Alison Tyler, and like all Alison Tyler books, it's a really great read.  She knows erotica and I can always count on her to bring me some of the hottest stuff around.  Hey, she isn't called "The trollop with a laptop" for nothing!  (And, by the way, because of all that, I'm always bowled over when I get a piece in one of her books.)

So, to promote the book, Alison asked us to review each other's stories.  My story, "Cute Boy Gets Squeezed" was reviewed by Tilly Hunter on Alison's blog, but you can read the whole review here.

I've reviewed Madeline Elayne's story, "Prey."  (Late as usual.)

“Prey” by Madeline Elayne

This is hot.  This is not the way I play; I’m a pussycat compared to Jia, but make no mistake, this story is hot.

Jia likes the chase.  She likes the take down, but she definitely likes the chase.  Once she sends her boy a message, letting him know she wants to play, the game, as they say, is afoot.  He makes intricate plans for the time and place and layout of the chase.  He’s careful to schedule the game for a Friday, leaving himself a whole weekend to recover – because he knows he’ll need it. 

His attention to detail is phenomenal and, if not for a tiny accident, everything would have played out the way he planned.  But, in actuality, the glitch probably enhances things, in the long run.

Jia plays rough; she’s a lioness, but unlike the wild cat, she knows just how far she can go without breaking her toys.  Her boy is no mouse, though.  He gives as good as he gets until he’s bound too tightly to do any more damage, but you know this is the way they like it.

One of my favorite lines in this story is so universal to femdom, BDSM, bondage and rough sex that it made me chuckle:  I marveled, not for the first time, that the little brain in my pants really did have less than zero common sense.

This is a story about the hunt and the action is breath-taking.  Once the chase is over and the prey is well and truly caught and immobilized, you can only imagine the hours of fun yet to come.  As a lover of hot, exciting femdom, this story tweaks all the right nerve endings.

D. L. King