May 2, 2010

My Contribution to Being Naked

A while back, Donna George Storey, Shanna Germain and Neve Black started quite an amazing and singular blog called F-Stop: Expose The Naked I. It's a place where artists get naked. Well, not necessarily, but yes, naked.

Here's the first bit about what they were looking for:

This blog will feature all genres of erotic art with the focus on exposing the most vulnerable parts of each contributing creator. We’re looking for you to expose those exquisite soft and pink parts that lay hidden somewhere inside and are usually kept safely locked up. You can find it here.

When I first heard about it I thought I might like to contribute a piece. Then I though, no, who am I to be a part of something so obviously, for wont of a better word, literary. But then Donna asked me--and I said I would--and then I didn't. I figured she'd forget about me, but she didn't. Periodically, she'd remind me about the blog. And then she said, if I didn't want to use a naked picture of me, she had one of my toy cabinet. She thought it symbolized me pretty well.

It wasn't the naked picture, so much as my figuring I didn't have anything important to say and who would be interested in hearing about me anyway. But when she suggested I use the picture she'd taken when she visited back in 2008 (here's her blog post), I thought, OK, I can do that. Then I figured I needed a naked picture of me to go along with it.

I'm really pleased by the way it turned out. It was just posted tonight, May 1, 2010. Go and take a look. And while you're there, check out the other posts. There are some extraordinary people there, exposing themselves for you. If you stop by, leave a comment. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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