January 29, 2011

Yes, everyone knows I'm a crappy blogger; I never contribute.  Well, that's not exactly true--there are a few postings here...but I could certainly do better.

Anyway, sometimes the spirit moves me and the spirit definitely moved me when I watched this book trailer.  This is really the coolest book trailer I've seen and I thought I'd share it with you, my (3) faithful readers.  It's for a novella by Sofia Antonia Milone, called "The Age of Aquarius" and is the first in the Sapphic Signs series being released by Torquere Press.  You can check out the book and buy it here.

Oh my god, I think that may have actually worked!  Will wonders never cease?

Anyway, I have a title in the series, too.  Mine is Taurus and will be coming out in April, I think.  It's called "Stubborn as a Bull."

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