November 6, 2011

Call for Submissions! Spanking Stories


Edited by D. L. King
To be published by Ravenous Romance
Deadline: December 26, 2011
Payment: $25 and a copy of the ebook in the format of your choice

D. L. King is looking for hot spanking stories.

What could be more delicious than a toasty, red bottom?  You know who you are.  Whether getting or giving is your passion, a sound spanking is guaranteed to get you there.  Paddles, floggers, canes, spoons, brushes--or how about a bare hand?  That's right: skin against skin.

What do you think of when you think of spanking?  Baring your bum for teacher?  Uncovering that naughty boy's or girl's bottom between the appetizer and the main course?  Your favorite cane lying harmlessly on the bed as clothing is shed at your feet and a breathless "yes, ma'am" is whispered?

Your story can be about more than spanking but it must include spanking.  Send me something guaranteed to make naughty girls and bad boys, the world over, squirm in their seats; something so blisteringly hot that any thought of sitting down will be little more than a memory.

If you're not sure what I like, check out my anthology, Spank!.  All characters must be adults, no underage characters.  Stories should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman.  Indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch and do not include extra lines between paragraphs.  No fancy fonts, no weird sizes, no bizarre formatting and no strange colors, please.

Send your story as a .doc (not .docx) attachment and include the title, pseudonym (if applicable) and your legal name and mailing address  (If you are absolutely unable to send a Word attachment, I will accept an RTF.)  Subject line should read:  Submission: TITLE.  Please include, as a second attachment, a 50 to 75-word bio.  Original stories only.  No reprints.

Ravenous Romance takes first world rights, meaning they will be the first to publish the story, anywhere in the world.  However, the story may be sold again, at anytime, by the writer, as long as Ravenous Romance is credited as the first publisher.  After five years rights revert back to the writer.

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