August 18, 2012

Sports Erotica, Huh?

As I said earlier, my post is up today at the Girls Who Score website.  But I thought I'd post it here for all the lazy -- I mean -- people who don't have the time to go over there and have a look at it.

I’m not exactly Sporty Spice, but when I saw that Ily Goyanes was editing her first Cleis anthology, I had to write a story for her.  You see, I really like Ily; she writes smart non-fiction and clever fiction and she’s a great judge of character – and characters.  So, I sat down and thought about possible sports stories. 

I’m not into team sports, seeing as how I was always the last chosen to play and people groaned audibly when their team got stuck with me.  I’m not a fan of boxing or wrestling.  I’m more into solo sports.  I’ve skied, I’ve practiced archery, I’ve done weight lifting, I’m a swimmer, but I suppose my greatest sport love has been scuba diving.

“Goddess in a Red and Blue Speedo” is, for all intents and purposes, a true story – well, more, or less, true.  It might be a bit racier than what actually happened, but that’s what fiction is about…  In any case, I hope you like the story.  And if you do, drop me a line and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.  (Find me at D. L. King Erotica)  But, of course, in order for you to read my story, you’ll have to get the book.  Get it at your indie bookstore, or any good bookstore, or get Girls Who Score here.  Here’s a little excerpt to get you started.

Goddess in a Red and Blue Speedo

I had to take a later flight.  When I finally arrived, I checked into the hotel and left a message for George letting him know I was there.  The next morning, he called at six a.m. and told me to meet everyone downstairs for breakfast.  Our first dive was at eight o’clock.  When I got down to the restaurant, the first person I saw was Lorna.
            “Hey, I’m so glad you’re here,” she said.  “I thought, maybe, you were going to miss the trip when you weren’t on the plane.”
            My mouth was open but I couldn’t seem to make it work right.  Finally, I managed to get the word, meeting, out.  She gave me a quizzical look and a little frown before saying she was glad I made it. 
God, what a loser!
            There were seven of us, plus George and Lorna, on the boat.  The only people from my class were Carson and Blaine and again, I was the only single.  George told me he’d be my dive buddy.  I was a little disappointed that Lorna wasn’t going to be my buddy, but I figured, after the way I acted in the restaurant, why would she want to?  Once in the water, I forgot all about wishing Lorna was my dive buddy.  The beauty of the underwater world was all encompassing.  I didn’t want to come back up when George gave me the signal.  I still had almost half a tank of air. 
            Back on the boat, everyone was exhilarated, talking about all the things we’d seen.  George explained that different body types use different amounts of air and when the first person began to get low, we’d all surface.  We had lunch on the boat and traveled to the next site, diving about an hour after we’d surfaced from the first dive.  I went on two more dives the next day but opted out on the third day to go to the beach and sight see.
            Tired from the sun, I got back to my room to take a nap and was awakened by the phone.  It was Lorna, telling me they’d booked a night dive and asking me if I’d like to go.  She said it was really special and even more beautiful than day-time dives.  I couldn’t say no and made plans to meet at the boat dock in a few hours.

Don't forget to go on over to the Girls Who Score website to see all the posts.  There's a new one every day, and in the mean time,  go out and get your own copy of Girls Who Score.  You know you want to.

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