October 21, 2012


That's right, my newest anthology has been released!  Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire is available in book stores and Amazon.

Here's the blurb from Amazon:

She's beautiful. She's enchanting. She's mysterious and unfathomable. She's your fondest dream and your worst nightmare. She's sweet and sublimely submissive. She's dark and fully in charge. She's flirty yet mysterious. She promises safety in her arms but there's danger in her eyes. One look, one scent, one taste, one sigh and you're rock hard or dripping wet. She's sex incarnate.

Succubi are sexual vampires, women who steal the life force from their victim, but what a way to go! Some say succubi visit their victims in dreams; others say they seduce them in the flesh. Whether your succubus is a shape shifter, has permanent bat wings or wears a mini skirt; whether her victims are taken unawares, follow her with glee or scream bloody murder as they come, these stories are hot. As hell.

And here's the table of contents

1      Harvest by Aurelia T. Evans
2      A Surprising Summons by Kaysee Renee Robichaud
3      Succubus, Inc. by Elizabeth Brooks
4      In the Service of Hell by Michael M. Jones
5      Before a Fall by Kannan Feng
6      Street Hustle by V. K. Foxe
7      Star Crossed by Evan Mora
8      Zach’s Last Ride by Sasha Bukova
9      Deliverance by Jay Lawrence
10  Minions Have Needs Too by Anya Richards
11  Sweet Tooth by Nan Andrews
12  The Girl on the Egyptian Escalator by NJ Streitberger
13  The Sorcerer’s Catch by Angela Caperton
14  The Chapel by J.S. Wayne
15  The Lonely Huntress by Mina Murray
16  Neither Love Nor Money by Giselle Renarde
17  Textual by Robin Tiergarten
18  Succumb by Cynthia Rayne
19  Moon Like a Sickle, Wind Like a Knife by Jean Roberta
20  Phone Hex by Elizabeth Thorne
21  Soaring by Kate Dominic

Go out and get it, you know you want to!

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