March 17, 2013

Who's In Under Her Thumb?

So, it seems I may not have actually published the table of contents for Under Her Thumb.  I could have sworn that I had, but since I can't find it here, I thought I should let you see it.  Stop me if you already have.  Oh, I guess you can't stop me since I'll have finished by the time you read this!

So, here it is: The table of contents for Under Her Thumb.  I think you're really going to like it, I know I do.

1  Quiet                                                  Andrea Zanin
2  La Sexorcista                                     Valerie Alexander
3  Business Managing                            Teresa Noelle Roberts
4  A Little Ticklish                                   Colin
5  Hound and Hare                                  D. L. King
6  Uncharted Territory                             Evan Mora
7  Suffer                                                 Giselle Renarde
8  Subdar                                               Rachel Kramer Bussel
9  Good for the Goose                             Kathleen Bradean
10 All Eyes on Him                                  Aimee Nichols
11 Blame Spartacus                                Laura Antoniou
12 The Dinner Party                                 Anne Grip
13 Fear Not                                             Andrea Dale
14 Layover                                              Lisabet Sarai
15 Juicy Tidbits                                       Dominic Santi
16 Her Majesty’s Plaything                       Lawrence Westerman
17 Bottled and Bound                              Jacqueline Brocker
18 Red Delicious                                      Leela Scott
19 Repent!                                               David Wraith
20 Below Stairs                                        T. R. Verten
21 In the Chill of Her Displeasure              Veronica Wilde

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