July 9, 2016

New Cover and Book Up for Pre Sale

Cleis Press has released the cover for the new  Best Lesbian Erotica and you can find it available for pre-sale on Amazon.

The book won't be out until mid-December and I'm working on setting up readings in interesting promotions, among them the annual Best Lesbian Erotica reading at Drunken! Careening! Writers! hosted by series' past editor, Kathleen Warnock at KGB Bar in Manhattan. I'm told this will be the 13th year! I'll let you know about more stuff as it's arranged. 

But first, I wanted to whet your appetite with the table of contents:

Act Two by Tamsin Flowers
Fuckin' Nice by Deb Jannerson
The Last Time by Annabeth Leong
Pledge Night by Radclyffe
Mother Tongue by Camille Duvall
Peel by Jones
Coyote Girl by Evey Brett
Revenant by Vanessa de Sade
Off Season by Valerie Alexander
Taming May by Megan McFerren
You Have the Right to Remain Naked by Samantha Luce
Spa Day by Taylor C. Dunne
Two Women Having Sex by Elna Holst
Covert Affairs by V. Florian
A Sense of Coming Home by P. A. Nox
Crème Brûlée  by Sacchi Green
Ink and Canvas by Geonn Cannon
Bush Garden by J. Belle Lamb
A Cooking Egg by Roxy Katt
Topping Down by C. Selene

It's a very eclectic book. I'm a very eclectic person. The stories represented by the table of contents above reflect a wide range of tastes from unabashedly romantic, to hard-hitting SM, avant garde humor, to literary writing so lovely it'll make you swoon. There really is something for each of you--and more.

I'm very proud of this book and hope you will enjoy my edition of Best Lesbian Erotica even partially as much as I enjoyed editing it!

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