August 10, 2009

Book Tour!

My first official book tour starts in two days. I have a lot to do, not the least of which is get a pedicure. I'm just sayin'...

But I'll be winging my way across the country, to the left coast (I, of course, live on the 'right' coast) on Wednesday. My good friend, Kathleen Bradean, will be picking me up at LAX and then, with a stop for Jack In The Box tacos, it's off to In the Flesh LA to read. Hopefully, after that, there'll be alcohol and more tacos* before hitting Kathleen's couch.

The tour is for my new book, Where the Girls Are, along with Sacchi Green's books, Girl Crazy (which I'm in) and Lesbian Cowboys. (I'll tell you what, Cleis books are known for their nice covers but Lesbian Cowboys has one fucking great cover!) So, if you're near any of the venues, please come out and say hi and get your books signed.

*I'm addicted to Jack In The Box tacos. Je les adore! But there are no Jack In The Boxes in New York, so when I go to California I make people take me to as many Jack In The Boxes as I can squeeze in. I collect Jack In The Box antenna toppers. Remember antenna toppers? I even have a scuba diving Jack. I decorate my Christmas tree with JITB antenna toppers.

Tour Dates and Locations

First stop-Los Angeles

Wednesday 8/12 @ 8pm

In the Flesh LA-Hustler Hollywood

8920 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood

San Francisco

Friday 8/14 @ 7pm

The Center for Sex and Culture at 7pm

1519 Mission Street


Sunday 8/16 @ 2pm

The Q Center

4115 N. Mississippi Avenue


Monday 8/17 @ 7pm

Center for Sex Positive Culture

1602 15th Avenue

I'm back in NYC and reading at In the Flesh!

Thursday 8/20 @ 8pm

In The Flesh

302 Broome Street


  1. What a fine blog! It's about time - I'm just sayin'...

    Keep it up. I plan to be a regular!

    J.Z. Sharpe

  2. Congratulations, Diane!

    Have a fabulous time on the tour, and give everyone a hug from me!


  3. "I decorate my Christmas tree with JITB antenna toppers."

    Now we know what to get you as blogwarming presents! : )

    I've lived in the eastern U.S. my whole life. My first visit to California was at age ten, and seeing the previously unknown-to-me Jack in the Box advertised on TV (by a very young Rodney Allen Rippy) was part of the experience. I think every child should have the opportunity of glimpsing the diverse fast-food chains and commercials that give each region of this vast nation its own distinct character.

  4. Thanks everyone, for the comments!

    Most cars don't have antennas anymore. Can't wait to see what Jack has now. Can't wait to wrap my lips around and sink my teeth into a hot, greasy, messy taco!

  5. *sigh* No more antenna balls. We'll have to talk to Jack about that.