September 28, 2009

Just a Little Restraint, Please!

Alison Tyler has this amazing blog, Trollop With a Laptop. Perhaps you've seen it? Well, if you haven't, you really should check it out, but I warn you, it's extremely addictive.

I was just perusing it before heading off to bed (I have to get used to going to bed at more reasonable hours since I'm starting back to work in the middle of the week) when I got all tied up reading a few hand-picked dungeon excerpts from some of the best erotic authors going--people like Rachel Kramer Bussel and Michael Hemmingson. Anyway, I get to the end of the post and she invites people to post their own dungeon excerpts on their blogs and report back. Well, you know me: you can't swing a dead cat around my stories without hitting a dungeon scene or three.

Here's one from a story called "A Public Spectacle." It's one you've most likely never seen since the story is, as yet, unpublished. Actually, this particular story is one big dungeon scene, but I'm just posting a short excerpt. Hope it pushes all the right buttons.


“Ready?” Janice nodded her little nod. “Climb up on the horse, girl.”

My girl walked back into the light and, rather indelicately, climbed onto the black leather spanking horse in the center of the spot. She rested her feet and hands on blocks placed at the sides of the horse for her comfort. I followed her into the spot and clipped one ankle to a ring on the side of the horse and moved up toward her head. I clipped her wrist then made my way around the front of her and did the same to her other wrist and ankle.

I paused to admire her spread cheeks, with the white thong separating them, bottom slightly raised. I ran my hand over an ass cheek and gave it a little smack. No overt reaction. That’s all right. Working my way back up again, I took a handful of hair and lifted her head, enabling me to attach the snap hook to her collar, then to the ring at the head of the horse. “Make me proud,” I said—only for her ears.

* * *

It’s at this point, when I finish fastening her to whatever piece of furniture I wish to start with, I feel the low buzz of electricity. It starts in my chest and begins to spread. It spreads up to my head and down to my balls and puts me in the proper frame of mind for the game ahead.

My girl is beautiful in her submission. Fastened, as she is, in this posture, she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She will be even more beautiful and desirable as we go on. I can sense people around us. I know they have felt the transformation too. They have seen the girl transformed from a plain-Jane you wouldn’t look twice at on the street to an object of desire. As her submission deepens, she will become even more desirable, and I will become even more desirous of her.

There’s something about public play that does it for me. When I hear the watchers breathing, becoming a bit restless, waiting for my play to begin, my feeling of power jumps to the next level. I know once I get started, I will cease to notice the crowd, but for now, for the beginning, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

Excerpt from "A Public Spectacle"
by D. L. King
All rights reserved.

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