September 26, 2009

My West Coast Book Tour Part I

Yikes! I've really been remiss about posting, but I think I mentioned that that might be a problem for me early on. What can I say? I'm a bad girl. I also promised I'd post about my West Coast tour for Where the Girls Are (actually, the tour was for my book, Where the Girls Are and Sacchi Green's books, Girl Crazy and Lesbian Cowboys.) so here's the first installment:

Beginning with the end, I just wanted to put this to you:

Seatac--Seattle-Tacoma Airport

I was on my way back to LA to hang out with Kathleen Bradean for one more day before returning home to New York. The above is a picture of the airport decor just before my Jet Blue gate. I'd been dragging myself, my laptop and my luggage around for a week. I sort of collapsed into a chair to wait for my flight but kept thinking about it and, though I was really tired, I just had to drag all my stuff back to take some pictures because I couldn't stop wondering why Seattle would want to decorate their airport with disembodied, bloodless stomachs?
'Cause really, that's what this is, right? I'm just sayin'...

There were other bizarre occurrences on the trip. Like, what's the deal with Segway tours? When I was in Toronto this line of people on Segways came gliding, single-file, down the sidewalk as we were parking the car. The very same thing happened in San Francisco, except they were on the buddy plan.
Actually, I think these things look like fun--geek fun, but definitely fun. And I'm a geek girl. One of these days someone'll take a picture of me gliding by on a Segway tour.

I'll be back later with the next installment and this time, I promise, it won't take me so long!

Oh, by the way, The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle is a very cool place. Be sure to check it out if you're in the area.

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