October 19, 2009

Washington State Needs Your Vote!

Here's a story guaranteed to make you weep--or scream in frustration. Please read this story about what happened to a close, loving family from Seattle who were unlucky enough to be caught in Florida when one of the members was struck down with a devastating illness. It's a story about human rights, common decency, civil rights and the American Constitution. It's a story about fucking crackers in the American South and evil.

Then, if you live in Washington State, get your ass to the polls and vote yes on Referendum 71 to reconfirm expanded domestic partnership rights. By the way, if you live in Maine, vote No on 1.

Rick, I know you'll vote yes! Peter, the same goes for you. And if anyone reading this knows people in Washington, pass this story along. There isn't much time left. Times have changed. We no longer have to be a country of morally depraved, fundamentalist idiots.

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