July 30, 2010

Author Chat for Like A Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick

I'd love it if you'd come help celebrate the release of the book in Circlet Press's Livejournal Community this coming Sunday August 1st through Saturday August 7th. Several contributors to the anthology will be making posts throughout the week to discuss the book and answer your questions. There will be giveaways and discussions with authors such as David Sklar, Angela Caperton, Jana Denardo, Elizabeth Schechter, and the editor of the anthology, Jennifer Williams, not to mention Yours Truly.

My chat day will be Wednesday, August 4th. Please come by. I've got some questions for you. I do, however, believe in tit for tat (that always sounds dirty, doesn't it?) so ask me anything you like. I'm probably answer. I really have no boundaries. Just sayin'...

Dark Diva Reviews recently had this to say about Like a Sacred Desire:

I could easily see this collection being used in a discussion group on mythology and sexology. Joseph Campbell would have had much to say about the characters and situations found here.

Check out the chat. It starts on Sunday and runs through the 7th. And remember, come by to see me on my day: 8/4/2010.

Buy the book here:

Fictionwise (all formats)

Amazon (Kindle)

Smashwords (mobi, LRF, epub, pdf, HTML)

All Romance eBooks (epub, prc, pdf, HTML)

Scribd (PDF, epaper, read online)

Oh, and my story? "Perhaps A Worthy Offering" Femdom, BDSM, hot and scary, slightly out of control and hardcore. What else would you expect from me?

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