February 18, 2012

Call for Submissions

That's right, I have a new call for submissions, this time for a book of femdom erotica from Cleis Press.  Just check out my blogspot tag line and I'm sure you'll agree that it's about time for this book.  So folks, you know what I like -- and if you don't, maybe you'd better start reading some of my stuff.  Send me something good, perhaps as a birthday present.*

Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination
Edited by D. L. King
To be published by Cleis Press
Deadline: April 10, 2012
Payment: $50 plus 2 copies of the anthology

D. L. King is looking for some smokin' femdom erotica.

That's right, and I'm sure you'd agree it's about time.  You know what I like and many of you have been sending it to me in submission for a while now, but now it's time to pull out all the stops: Tell me stories about the first time you realized where your true passions lay--and what you did about it.  Why does a naked, bound submissive get your juices flowing? Guys, tell me what it feels like to be under the thumb of a sexy, dominant woman. What it does to you to have every physical response, every emotion guided and controlled; how the mixture of pain and pleasure brings you to the edge and sends you crashing over.

Tell me about bondage, about cock and ball torture and about goddess worship. Tell me about foot fetishes and rubber, about corsets and bunny slippers. Tell me about all the kinky things your lizard brains can dream up.

Send me stories from female points of view or from male points of view. I want to read stories told by submissives, as well as by dominants. Tell me about husbands and wives and about pro dommes, about lovers and about casual play partners; I want to read it all. This book will be primarily straight, but I'd be interested in seeing some lesbian stories, too.  It should go without saying that characters must be at least 18, no scat, no snuff and, just so you know, I'm not a big fan of water sports or of shrews who yell and scream and treat their men like dirt. Just make me happy--make me wet.

Stories should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman. Please indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch and do not include extra lines between paragraphs. No fancy fonts, no weird sizes, no bizarre formatting, no strange colors, please. Do not put a cover sheet on your story.

Send your story as a .doc (NOT a .docx) attachment and include the title, pseudonym (if applicable) and your legal name and mailing address to thumbantho@gmail.com. The subject line should read: Submission: TITLE. Please include a bio of 50 words or less. Direct any questions to the same address. Original stories only. (If you are absolutely unable to send a .doc attachment, I will accept an rtf.)

* For those in the know, the call deadline just happens to be my birthday.