February 9, 2015

Katya Harris on The Big Book of Domination


Sometimes it can take me an age to think of an idea for a story. I have to search for inspiration, peruse a gallery of images, a book’s worth of quotes, listen to endless playlists, and wait for some external force to shake loose a story from my head. Other times, an idea just bursts into my mind, whole and entire, and all I have to do is sit my butt in a chair and write it down.

It was definitely the latter for my story “Playmate.” I read the submission call for The Big Book of Domination, and - BAM! - the perfect image flashed into my mind. A woman bending over to show the treasured caning marks on her bottom to her friend. I wrote it down, and the rest of the story tumbled free after it. Temptation and seduction, and then a headlong tumble into an event that promises to be so much more than a single encounter.

I was tickled pink when D. L. King selected “Playmate” to be included in The Big Book of Domination, and I couldn’t be happier now that you can read it and all the other wonderfully sexy stories. Here’s an excerpt from “Playmate" to tantalize you. I hope you enjoy it.

"It's ok. Touch them."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

Bent over the edge of my sofa, my smart pencil skirt pulled up and over my hips to display the bare globes of my upthrust ass, I looked over my shoulder and smiled. "Beth, how could it possibly hurt me more?"

It was true. The cane that had laid the stripes across my ass and upper thighs had been exquisitely painful. Even after two days, they were still a livid red against the creamy white of my skin.

Beth's pretty face was wracked by the most adorable uncertainty. Her curiosity won out though, as I knew it would. She'd asked, so tentatively, what being punished was like. I had shown her the marks because I knew she wouldn't be able to resist looking, touching.

Her hand lifted. Anticipation strung my nerves tight, millions of tiny filaments running through my body and singing with tension.

Have you been seduced? If so, here are some handy-dandy links so that you can purchase your very own copy of The Big Book of Domination.
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And if you're in the UK:
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