January 31, 2015

Anna Mitcham on The Big Book of Domination

Day nine of the blog tour brings you my two cents worth (or two pence worth for my fellow UK readers!) on The Big Book of Domination. For starters, it’s hot. Like, seriously hot. Some incredibly sexy writers and their stories are featured in this anthology and I for one can’t put it down!

My story, All Work and No Play, was my first foray into the wonderful world of writing erotica, but has certainly not been my last. Domination and submission is always a key theme in my writing, whether I intend it to be or not, as that seems to be the way my characters all like to play!  It all starts with the characters for me. I don't so much invent them as get to know them, and it is they and their chemistry that choose the path the story takes. I tap away at the keys, feeling like a voyeur reporting what she is seeing unfolding in front of her, and with no idea where it will lead. It's exciting and I love it.

Here is a mere teaser of the journey Antonia took me on, but for more, you will of course have to buy the book...

     As I walk the short distance back to the office I realise with surprise that I am nervous. I’m always the one in control in these situations, and am not used to a man giving as good as he gets, let alone taking the reins. Maybe I’ve met my match, I think to myself and a little shiver of excitement runs through me. I quicken my step, desperate to find out what’s in store for me back at the office. As I’m running up the stairs – I have far too much nervous energy to take the lift – another message comes through, 

     I’m waiting, Antonia...
     I reach the top floor and enter the open plan office, my heart pounding with apprehension and anticipation. I can’t see my colleague anywhere so I wander in and sit down at my desk, suddenly paranoid that I have been taken for a ride or got the wrong end of the stick. I jump as a hand comes firmly down on my shoulder and a gruff voice whispers in my ear,
‘Time to put your money where your mouth is…’

If you'd like to read more you can do so by clicking on one of these links and purchasing The Big Book of Domination...

Amazon Kindle

Barnes and Noble
And if you're in the UK:
Amazon UK

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And if after all that you're still not quite convinced, just take a look at the front cover (see above). Nuff said, right?
Happy reading! ;)

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