July 11, 2017

2017 Literary Awards

Thought I'd catch you up on all the kudos Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Vol. 1 has been receiving.

Yes, the book won a Golden Crown Literary Award in the Lesbian Erotica category on July 8, 2017!

We also won a silver medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, Erotica category on May 30. Here's a picture of me with that blindingly bright silver medal! I say "we" because, of course, the book would be less than nothing (in fact, it wouldn't even exist) without the amazing authors who's stories grace its pages.

And last, but certainly not least (actually, it was the first award of the season) I also won the National Leather Association-International John Preston Short Fiction Award with my short story, Cupcakes and Steel, which appears in the inimitable Rose Caraway's, For The Men and the Women Who Love Them!

By the way, cherish that link, above, for Best Lesbian Erotica. Amazon has a vendetta out on the book and, possibly, me. It's almost impossible to find on your own. So, use the link, buy the book and, please, submit an Amazon review (since no one can find the book, no one can review it). This is the first Best Lesbian Erotica in the 21-year history of its publication, that has been almost completely hidden from view. It's garnered major awards but no one knows how to find it so please, spread the word!

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