September 17, 2017

Unspeakably Erotic

Unspeakably Erotic will be released October 24 (electronic copy only) and will be released in print on November 14.

To help spread the word, I've started a Thunderclap campaign. For those who don't know what that is, it's a way to spread the word, using social media the way crowd funding does--but with no money involved, of course! 

You click on the link and agree to support the campaign by clicking on Face Book, Twitter, (if you have a Twitter account) and Tumbler (if you have a Tumbler account). Then on the pre-arranged day, (October 24, in this case) my message will appear on the feeds of everyone who agreed to support me. It will appear only once on everyone's feed, but the beauty is that the social reach, based on how many friends everyone has, could be huge!

So, I hope you will support me. Here's the link: Just click on it and then click on Face Book, Twitter, and Tumbler. And thank you very much, in advance!

And just so you know what you're supporting, here's the table of contents. This is one very fun book!

Pygmalion   J. Belle Lamb
CBT   Pascal Scott
The Auction   Tamsin Flowers
Support Service   Sonni de Soto
Blue Plate Special: Your Boot on my Cunt   Avery Cassel
Simultaneous   Annabeth Leong
Private Party   Rose P. Lethe
Training Zoe   Meghan O'Brien
Use Me   Kiki DeLovely
Cuckold   BD Swain
The Last Kink   Cecilia Duvalle
In a Pinch   Janelle Reston
Baubles and Beads   Sacchi Green
Appetite   Emily Bingham
Bitch Slap   Sir Manther
Aloha a Trois   Kathleen Tudor
Date Night   Brey Willows
The Last of Marengo   Mary Tintagel
Close Edge   Elinor Zimmerman
Bedtime Story   Robyn Nyx