December 25, 2012

Reading at Sh! in London

Yes, I know, this actually happened last month -- actually almost a full month ago, but I keep telling you I'm a crappy blogger.  It's taking me a while to get all the pictures sorted and these aren't the best ones of the readers floating around out there, but I did really want to get them up here so the three of you who read this blog could see them!  So, here we are, fresh from reading at the Sh! Women's Store in Hoxton Square.

From left to right are Jacqueline Brocker, Jacqueline Applebee, K D Grace, moi, Janine Ashbless and N J Streitberger.  This is our staid pose with the Sh! wall of toys as an apt backdrop.  Yes, that is one of the signature Sh! girls' glasses of pink bubbly in my hand.  I must say, they kept that glass well-filled! (Thank you, Joanna!)  You might notice that Remittance Girl is conspicuously absent.  We started taking pictures before realizing she'd ducked outside for a quick one (not going to say quick what, though).

And here she is now!  Yes, we are holding, or brandishing (depending on your point of view) cocks.  Well, it is a sex shop, after all.  N J, as the lone male in the picture, got to lovingly hold a velour vulva.

This was such a wonderful evening.  We had quite a crowd but still, I wish you could have all been there -- all three of you.  
Reader not pictured: Ciara Finn

And by the way, I was so late getting there.  I'd spent the entire day at the Tower of London.

What an amazing museum.  Here was our Beefeater guide.

I spent all sorts of time wandering.  I saw the crown jewels and spent the majority of the time in the armory.  I'll post all my tower pictures on facebook soon (I promise).  I spent so much time in the armory that I didn't even have time to see the bloody tower at all!  Yes, that's the place I really, really wanted to see and I didn't get to.  It's just that the armor was so amazing, I couldn't drag myself away.  Then I looked at the time and realized I had to run back to the hotel to change for the reading!  (Next visit for the Bloody Tower!)

So, I got back to the hotel, changed and primped and went downstairs to ask about a cab.  It was rush hour and the cab company said it would take 45 minutes to get there, which was exactly how long I had before the scheduled start, so I hopped back on the tube.  I didn't check the address again and got off at the wrong stop, ten minutes before the reading was to begin.  I asked a cop where the address was and he'd never heard of it (can you imagine?) so I grabbed a cab and told him where I wanted to go.  I was a ways away, as you might imagine.  He got me there about ten minutes late, but most everyone was late.  Evidently the traffic was really bad.  Yay!  So, after I stopped sweating and got rehydrated, and everyone else arrived, we had the best reading ever.  I can't wait to do it again!

Thanks Sh! Girlz.

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