January 17, 2015

Big Book of Domination Blog Tour Kickoff


There. That's all you need to know: It's really BIG and it's really BEAUTIFUL and it's my newest book and I think you might want it--no, I know you want it.

I think the best way to acquaint you with what you'll find between the print or virtual covers is to give you a peek inside at just a little bit of my introduction, because I really am excited about this book.

Domination. I roll the word around in my head and then the pictures come hard and fast. I visualize a club with which I’m familiar. I can see it: the room’s dark. There are spotlit areas, but in my mind’s eye, they’re empty. I can fill them with my own subs and bottoms. I can cuff a boy to the wall here and fasten a girl to a spanking bench there. I can use rope bondage to tie up a willing slave and raise them off the ground with the help of a winch. There’s a lovely, large throne over there, where I can be worshipped, and there’s a table with about a hundred tie-down points—neural synapses flash more and more pictures through my mind.

Next, I travel to a bedroom. I can see a man in leather pants, and nothing else, wielding a whip. His girl is tied to the bedposts, on her knees, and she’s begging.

But what is she begging for? Another taste of the whip? A slap? A caress? To be allowed to come? It’s all up to him, of course.

Now I’m at a private play party. There are strangers and friends in various forms of undress but this isn’t a swinger’s party. No, this is definitely all about pain and bondage, dominance and submission, cuckoldry and humiliation, all at the whim of the dominants in the group.

I’m a fly on the ceiling of a long-time couple’s bedroom. They might be married; they might not, but it’s easy to see they love each other and have a history. The romance of her sighs and moans as he immobilizes her and forces pleasure upon pleasure on her—is it their anniversary? It’s the little bursts of laughter, peppering the action that makes the scene all the more intimate, all the more real.

I enter a dungeon and see my bottom du jour, who has been so submissively awaiting my arrival. Before me is a table heaped with the tools of my trade. I run my hand over the toys that have been so lovingly laid out for me. My fingers twine in the falls of floggers and play with the tips of single tail whips. I run my hands over paddles and clips, leather and metal cuffs, dildos and plugs made of silicone, metal and glass, various sizes of weights and clamps, rope, chain, locks, gloves and lube, leather bindings and more—it’s all here, begging my inspiration—waiting for the play to begin.

Are you like me? Are your nerve endings zinging? Have I whetted your interest?

I hope I have whetted your interest, but just to make sure, this post kicks off a blog tour. If you follow the schedule, you'll find out more about the book, the individual authors and their stories and maybe you'll find some cool blogs and authors to follow in the bargain.  Here are the dates and locations:

January 17: YOU ARE HERE: D L King Erotica
January 19: Valerie Alexander
January 21: David Wraith
January 23: Giselle Renarde
January 25: Amanda Earl
January 27: Evan Mora
January 28: Angela Sargenti
January 30: Athena Marie
February 1: Anna Mitcham
February 3: Rachel Kramer Bussel
February 5: Zoe Amos
February 7: Olivia Summersweet
February 9: Katya Harris
February 11: Alison Winchester
February 12: Malin James
February 14: Laura Antoniou

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