January 27, 2015

Evan Mora on The Big Book of Domination

Hi, Evan Mora here. Thanks to D.L. for hosting me on the Big Book of Domination blog tour!

So I’ve been musing on the notion of comfort lately. Now I know comfort isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think about Domination and submission – probably not the second or third either. You think about power and control, you probably think about pain, and most definitely you think about desire and lust and want and need, and believe me, you’ll find all those things and more in this book!

But there is comfort there too. There’s comfort in knowing your role.  There’s comfort in knowing that no matter which end of the flogger you’re on, you’re there because someone has seen your needs and desires and they’ve dovetailed with theirs. You get to come together in a mutually agreed on place and explore all those needs together.  And sometimes, from there, we push one another’s comfort zones, and it can be scary and exhilarating and fantastically liberating all at once.

As someone who often writes from a submissive perspective, pushing the comfort zone of my characters usually involves them going further than they think they can; enduring more then they think they’re able to endure.

I started wondering how else I could push my characters out of their comfort zone, and little angel, my story in The Big Book of Domination was born. In it, a lesbian slave is thrown for a loop when her Mistress brings home a submissive boy who, as it turns out, is poorly trained in the art of pleasuring a woman, and lacks control. Mistress hands her a bag of toys (“nothing you can hurt him too badly with”), and tells her she’s got a week to whip him into shape.

As she struggles with her feelings about being the one wielding the crop and having to play with a boy, she’s pushed out of her comfort zone in the very best kinds of ways…

     He’s ready now; he knows what’s coming, so I go to work in earnest, peppering both sides of his ass and thighs with a series of deliberately hard strokes, and though his thighs tremble and his skin turns a deep rich rose he maintains his position. I watch his body to try and gauge where he is: at first he’s stiff and stoic, but then, as the endorphins start to kick in, his moans become less restrained and his back arches ever so slightly.
     Now for the lesson.
     “Stand up, boy.” I say, and he complies, turning to face me. His eyes are hazy with pleasure and his cheeks are flushed, and I know a pang of longing so intense it makes my breath catch in my chest. What I wouldn’t give to be in his position right now. And yet, the feel of the leather grip in my hand, the sheer number of things I could do to him…or have him do to me; knowing that I’m the architect of his pleasure and pain right now, all of these things are so much more intoxicating than I’d imagined. 

For more on the twenty-five fantastic stories between the covers of the Big Book of Domination, follow the rest of the tour – or better yet, buy the book! Dates and details below.

January 17: D L King Erotica  
January 19: Valerie Alexander  
January 21: David Wraith  
January 23: Giselle Renarde  
January 25: Amanda Earl  
January 27: Evan Mora  
January 28: Angela Sargenti  
January 30: Athena Marie  
February 1: Anna Mitcham  
February 3: Rachel Kramer Bussel  
February 5: Zoe Amos  
February 7: Olivia Summersweet  
February 9: Katya Harris  
February 11: Alison Winchester  
February 12: Malin James  
February 14: Laura Antoniou

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